Photo: Liesbeth Sevenhuisen

Eleni Sevin

Born in Baarn, the Netherlands, Eleni  Sevin acquired diplomas in fashion design and later studied sociology at the University of Amsterdam.

In the fashion world, she collaborated on collections by Frank Govers, amongst others, as well as producing costumes for theatre and television.

Moving to live in Sommières in the south of France in 1977, she opened an atelier de couture.

In 1979 she came into contact with the renowned English writer Lawrence Durrell, whom she looked after intensively for the following seven years.

During that period she also performed as a singer/pianist with dancehall bands and other groups. Later, she composed her own songs and gave solo performances.

Currently she lives in Amsterdam, where she devotes herself to writing about spasmophilia amongst other things and gives musical performances from time to time.

This website showcases her writings and music and includes a gallery of photos and documents from her days with Lawrence Durrell in Sommières.

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